Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you take?
Trafalgar Oaks Childcare & Learning Centre currently accepts children 10 months to 5 years of age.

Do you have any openings?
Enrollment can fluctuate throughout the year, so please give us a call or an email to inquire about current openings and receive more information about our wait list process.

What are your group sizes?
Currently we have 1 infant room licensed for 10 babies (10-18mths), 2 toddler rooms that are licensed for 15 children each (18 months – 2.5 years of age), and 2 preschool rooms for 16 children each (2.5 – 5 years of age).

Do you accept subsidized children?
Yes.  Trafalgar Oaks Childcare & Learning Centre currently has a Purchase of Service agreement with the Region of Halton.  To get more information on subsidized child care spaces or to find out if you are eligible for a child care subsidy, please contact the Region of Halton at (905) 825-6000 or visit  for more information.

What are the qualifications of your staff?
The staff at Trafalgar Oaks Childcare & Learning Centre are all Early Childhood Educators who are registered with theCollege of ECE.  All staff are required to submit current criminal reference checks and health checks upon hire and all have up-to-date training in First Aid and CPR.

What are your fees and how will I be billed?
Our fees are currently $65 per day for infants (please note we only take full time care in the infant room), and $57 per day for our toddler and $55 per day for pre-school programs.  Parents pay for child care fees on a biweekly basis via pre-authorized debit. 

Does my child have to be toilet trained?
No, we do not expect children to be toilet trained.  We are happy to work with children and families during this process to accomplish toilet training goals.  We encourage open communication between parents and staff to ensure consistency for the child’s toileting success.  

Does your Centre participate in religious teachings?
No.  Trafalgar Oaks Childcare & Learning Centre is a non profit, non-denominational early learning centre.  We are here to support the healthy growth and development of all children and their families.