About Us

Trafalgar Oaks Childcare & Learning Centre in Oakville is a non-profit childcare centre run by a volunteer board of directors and offers quality child care to children 10 months—5 years of age.  The Centre is licensed by the Ministry of Education in accordance with standards set forth by the Child Care & Early Years Act. Trafalgar Oaks is dedicated to offering a quality child care to the community and demonstrates its desire to do so through its participation in the Quality First program.  The Centre is housed in a brand new state of the art facility that has been built and designed specifically for child care.

Trafalgar Oaks Childcare & Learning Centre in Oakville is staffed by qualified Early Childhood Educators who are registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario.  All employees have undergone mandatory criminal reference checks and medical examinations. Our educators provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum that fosters the development and growth of the whole child.  

We follow a play-based Emergent Curriculum that fosters the social, physical, cognitive, creative and emotional growth of the child.  We strive to enhance each child’s natural curiosity and love of learning.  We provide opportunities for each child to master tasks that are appropriate to their individual learning level.  Each day is made up of a balance of active, quiet, individual and group activities, along with a morning and afternoon snack, a hot meal at lunch and a quiet/rest period.  Part time as well as full time is available, with priority going to full time children.  

As well as providing quality child care, we are also a Learning Centre.  In addition to the children learning from our program, we also provide opportunities for the community to learn.  College Students enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Program use our site for their placements to be trained, High School Student doing Coops or requiring their volunteer hours are also welcome.  Our site is used as a tool for conducting workshops, such as a Region led Preschool Inquiry group for How Does Learning Happen, and for hiring summer students through a Federal Government initiative for hiring and teaching students enrolled in a College related program.  We mentor new and existing centers, meeting with their staff and supervisors,  touring them in our facility and networking to share our skills and experience with others.

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Facility Tour

We are housed in a state of the art facility that has been specifically designed and constructed to ensure a unique environment for your child.

Tours are available Monday to Friday,  in the mornings between 9:30am and 11:00am and in the afternoons between 2:30pm and 4:00pm.



Group Sizes and Ratios

The Centre is staffed with registered Early Childhood Educators.  These are the ratios and group sizes according to ages. We are licensed for 72 children (10 infants, 30 toddlers and 32 preschool).