Enrolment & Fees

If you are interested in obtaining more information about enrolling your child at Trafalgar Oaks Childcare & Learning Centre, please contact the Program Supervisor Sheila Savard at (905) 337-1088 ext. 6, or at  supervisor@trafalgaroaks.com.  

At that time, the Program Supervisor will be able to:

  • Let you know about space and availability for your child

  • Answer any questions and provide information about our facility, program and staff

  • Schedule a tour of the Centre where you can come and view the program for yourself and meet some of the staff

  • At the time of tour you can be placed on the waitlist and inquire about where you are in the waiting process.

There is a registration and deposit required at the time a spot is confirmed to secure your spot.  Registration is $100 one time fee per family and the deposit is equivalent to one weeks fees.  These fees are non-refundable.  The deposit is credited to your account upon your child's first week of enrolment, according to the dates outlined by you in the financial agreement. Rates are $65/day for infants, $57/day for toddlers and $55/day for preschoolers. Parents pay for child care fees on a biweekly basis via pre-authorized debit. 

"Trafalgar Oaks Child Care & Learning Centre accepts subsidy through The Region of Halton.  If you need financial assistance please call 905-825-6000.  Click on the link below to see if you qualify."


WAIT LIST PROCESS:  Trafalgar Oaks Child Care & Learning Centre has been operating at full enrolment for the past several years so families interested in joining our program are encouraged to go on the wait list. It is important to realize that being on the wait list does not guarantee that a family will be offered a space in the program, therefore we recommend families sign up with several other centres as well.  Please click here for details on our Wait List Policy.

Families must tour the facility prior to being added to the waitlist. Families are placed on the wait list by tour date in the month and age group requested (earliest they would accept a spot).  If we are not able to accommodate your request we will automatically move you to the next month.  We will then update the age group and re-order based on tour date.  We will contact families on the wait list for 2 reasons:

  1. To update the wait list to ensure a family is still interested in being on the wait list

  2. To offer a spot

We will call you if a spot becomes available that we can offer you.  We do our best to answer questions from those who call/email for a status update, however, we are unable to be 100% accurate as positions are constantly changing as people withdraw from wait list, are moved over to the next month or are currently enrolled and internal movement from one age group to another occurs.

Wait List